A story of innovation

Forged to dare.
Vittone has wisely combined its historical experience with a look into the future since 1906.
We are specialized in custom made hot steel forging granting expertise, reliability and precision to the customer.

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Passenger cars

Engine components, differential gears, bevel gears, housing gears, differential and motion system components.

professional growth

A new human-machine frontier. In a highly challenging market, we believe in continuous training to develop talent with increasingly innovative technical and managerial skills.

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To grow towards sustainability. It is following this principle that we have issued the Non-Financial Statement (NFS), a document that summarizes and illustrates the goals, activities, and economic, socio-environmental impacts of our Company. Contact us to request it and learn more.

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Believe in your potential and get involved to build your future with us. We commit to value your talent with specialized growth and training paths.

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