Giacomo Bertot and Luigi Vittone, 1937
For more than 100 years close to our customers

The company was founded in 1906 by Giacomo Bertot. It was originally one of the first forging companies in northern Italy dedicated to the production of agricultural tools in a region that always had a strong vocation for mechanical production. Under the leadership of Luigi Vittone, who later gave the name to the company, a business culture was introduced and gave a boost to production reaching new markets.

In the post-war period we experienced a rapid expansion and in the late 1970s the company expanded in foreign markets. The opening of  Vittforge Canada and Vittcorp USA plants in North America started an international footprint that still characterizes our company today. Technical expertise, innovative vision and customer focus are the common characteristics of the fourth generation who is now leading Vittone.

Hub of sustainable technology and innovation

We continuously invest in technology to improve our processes, and we seek to innovate through new future-oriented projects. Some of our distinctive aspects that we most care about are fast replies, JIT deliveries and a high flexibility to market demands.

Commitment to environment and safety have our full attention. Our ESG initiatives combined with ongoing training, make Vittone a hub of sustainable technology and innovation.

Giacomo Bertot founds one of the first forge in northern Italy exploiting the energy of the Gallenca stream

First agriculture tools production

Production development with first factory with trip hammers

Luigi Vittone, founder’s son in law, starts working in the company, which would later take the name "Bertot di L. Vittone"

Installation of the first drop hammer: hot steel forging evolves

Installation of the first pressure hammer

Installation of the first mechanical presses

Installation of new forging lines

Expansion into the North American market with two subsidiaries: Vittforge Canada and Vittcorp USA

New plant expansion

Installation of innovative production line with "Direct Drive" screw press and robotic isle

Installation of 3500 Tons "Direct Drive" screw press

New Innovative Engineering & Tools department

Industry 4.0: integration of MES to our business operating system

Looking to the future

Thanks to ongoing technology investments, we have improved the company’s automation and efficiency over the years, building on some pillars of Industry 4.0. Our vision and strategy are focused to harmonize technology, environment, and people, looking to Industry 5.0.